It is my very true pleasure to announce that my proposal, on behalf of the Hellenic Parliament, for an invited session at the ICEGOV 2020 UN conference in Athens has been accepted! ICEGOV 2020 will be held on 23-25 September 2020.

This session titled “Standards in Legal Informatics and their Practical Implementation” shall bring together scholars who have participated in the development of legal document standards, as well as experts who have designed and operate end-to-end legal informatics systems. The discussion shall be enriched by the relevant experiences of end users in parliaments and bar associations, who shall offer practical insights about lessons learned, do’s and don’ts​ and how to deal with conflicting system requirements.

I will have the honor to serve as the session chair to an extraordinary panel that will be comprised of the following five experts representing parliaments, academia, civil society and the private sector:

  • Claudio Fabiani, European Parliament
  • Günther Schefbeck, Austrian Parliament
  • Prof. Monica Palmirani, University of Bologna
  • Prof. Giorgos Yannopoulos, University of Athens
  • Grant Vergottini, Xcential

ICEGOV is the conference of the United Nations on digital governance. Usually, it has an academic track of about 80 research and development papers, plus keynote and invited sessions by international organisations.This year, the main patron of the conference is the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance, while most European and International relevant organisations will also be there, such as European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations and OECD. Several Hellenic organisations will attend this landmark event, e.g. Ministries, Municipality of Athens, Hellenic Parliament, etc. Organizers estimate the presence of around 200 participants, from more than 30 countries, usually representing government, academia and industry. Legal informatics is a key issue of the conference, with a dedicated academic track, a workshop and at two invited sessions up to now.


  • Hellenic Parliament,
  • Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance,

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