Do not miss to check my latest interview with Trond Undheim in on Parliamentary Tech and Hypertransparency. Available as podcast!

Excerpt from

“In this conversation, we talked about how parliamentary transparency, steeped in legal informatics, innovation in govtech, open data and ongoing digitization, is slowly inching forward because of innovative initiatives such as the Hellenic OCR Team. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Emerging use cases include access, archiving, analysis, transparency and traceability of the enormous amount of information passing through any national parliament. The market for such application is muc vaster that the 190 or so national parliaments. Virtually any legislative body at any level might be a target, and there might be tens of thousands such governance structures, not counting non-governmental bodies that also have a highly structured governance.

My takeaway is that government hypertransparency is still a decade or so away, but the Hellenic Parliament is leading the way, together with the US, UK and Canadian parliaments, as well as a set of countries in Northern Europe. Parliamentary documents are highly specialized texts and making them meaningful for machine analysis is not easy. However, precisely because they are so information rich, the promise of linguistic, political, historical and industrial analysis is great. Hyper transparency is definitely within sight, if not yet within reach.”

Credits: Trond Undheim


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