I am really excited to have learned that Springer has announced the publication of my new book Imposing regulation on Advanced Algorithms! Publication is scheduled for early fall 2019. Don’t need to queue at the bookstores; pre-order has started.

The book:

  • Provides a unique structured approach to the legal dimension of algorithms
  • Unlocks regulatory aspects of our digital future
  • Offers a long overdue contribution suitable for judges and state regulators

It book discusses the necessity and perhaps urgency for the regulation of algorithms on which new technologies rely; technologies that have the potential to re-shape human societies. From commerce and farming to medical care and education, it is difficult to find any aspect of our lives that will not be affected by these emerging technologies. At the same time, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing, blockchain, virtual reality and augmented reality, belong to the fields most likely to affect law and, in particular, administrative law. The book examines universally applicable patterns in administrative decisions and judicial rulings. First, similarities and divergence in behavior among the different cases are identified by analyzing parameters ranging from geographical location and administrative decisions to judicial reasoning and legal basis. As it turns out, in several of the cases presented, sources of general law, such as competition or labor law, are invoked as a legal basis, due to the lack of current specialized legislation. This book also investigates the role and significance of national and indeed supranational regulatory bodies for advanced algorithms and considers ENISA, an EU agency that focuses on network and information security, as an interesting candidate for a European regulator of advanced algorithms. Lastly, it discusses the involvement of representative institutions in algorithmic regulation.

The book flyer can be downloaded here. Below is the video promo. Many thanks to Giannis Gianniadis, digital Identity specialist @ Hellenic OCR Team, for the production!






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