I was fortunate to be able to take part (once again) in the 2nd Artificial Cosmoi and the Law workshop which took place on Monday, July 30th, at the History Museum of the University of Athens in Plaka. This time, the organisers were the UCL Centre for Law, Economics & Society (CLES), Yale Law School and the Faculty of Law, University of Athens. Overall, there were five panels filled with top legal and Artificial Intelligence researchers…

  1. Law, Regulation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  2. Regulating crypto-assets
  3. Regulating Digital Eco-systems (platforms and beyond)
  4. Regulating Blockchain
  5. Regulating the social costs of an Algorithmic Economy

During the 2018 workshop there were lots of discussions around digital platforms and Blockchain. Regulatory issues were positioned at the center of the debate, thus showing that there is a widespread interest among scientists (and society) to control such disruptive technologies as far as possible without putting any limitations to innovation. Stay tuned for more, as this is closely related to ongoing work of mine, soon to be published!




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