The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic took whole societies by surprise. Naturally, parliaments worldwide did not remain untouched. Following months of research, my team and I came out with a set of related presentations and articles. Read and comment freely!

Cooperation with

Together with Hellenic OCR Team members Politimi Mountanea and Athanasia Pliakogianni, we prepared an article for the newly established Diplomacy and Communications Institute. The article is titled Parliaments in the Pandemic and attempts a timely general assessment of the parliamentary response to the pandemic. It concludes with a set of recommendations for an enhanced and automated parliamentary response, should a crisis of similar magnitude strikes again. The Institute,, recently partnered with the Hellenic OCR Team to explore issues of technology, diplomacy, and communication through the scientific examination of empirical evidence to create social impact innovation.

Presentation at the IALS/WFD Digital Conference

On 10 September 2020, the IALS/WFD Digital Conference: Are Emergency Measures in Response to COVID-19 a Threat to Democracy? Fact and Fiction took place. In this framework, I had the opportunity to present our joint paper with Athanasia Pliakogianni on The Hellenic Parliament’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – A Balancing Act between Necessity and Realism. The article is basically a country report. It centers on the Hellenic Parliament, while making links to the global parliamentary response. The working paper is currently being updated to be submitted for publication to a scientific journal.

Photo credits – Pixabay – European Parliament Strasbourg by Enndzeiter


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