My new book “Popular Economics: a reference guide in times of crisis” can now be downloaded on your iPad.

Download it from iTunes here.

This book is based on a series of articles that were posted between 2011-2012 in the local newspaper “Neos Agon” of my home town Karditsa in central Greece. It tries to clarify some difficult terms and gives simple answers to contemporary problems.

You don’t need to obtain a degree in economics to read it. It is written for everybody who wants to take a glimpse at higher-level economics, without the strange economic terms that became overnight part of our life, hence its title “Popular Economics”.

While highlighting the most important dimensions of the global financial crisis (chapter 1), we use Greece as a case study to see the effects of the rapid economic downturn in a modern economy, but also to study ways to escape recession (chapter 2).

ISBN 978-960-93-4446-3


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