My paper with Anastasia Papastylianou on the making of a legal interoperability laboratory is published at Revista Politica Austral.

Full title

Structuring from scratch a legal interoperability laboratory


Fotios Fitsilis, Hellenic Parliament, Greece and Anastasia Papastylianou, National School of Public Administration and Local Government, Greece


The article describes the creation of an innovative legal interoperability laboratory from scratch at the National School of Public Administration and Local Government in Athens. Its scope and objectives are critically analyzed and its modules described. The problem-based learning method has been applied to a synchronous and asynchronous distance learning educational environment. In particular, in the context of the laboratory, the use of LEOS (Legislation Editing Open Software), a legal informatics tool that has been developed as a European Union ISA2 solution, is highlighted. Moreover, the relation of the laboratory to existing open interoperability courses and the wider European Interoperability Framework are presented along with the tool being assessed for potential use as an authoring tool by the Hellenic public administration. Both the laboratory and the course have been thoroughly evaluated and the results of this evaluation are presented and discussed, in view of plans for the design of additional related interoperability courses and laboratories.


Fitsilis, F., & Papastylianou, A. (2022). Structuring from scratch a legal interoperability laboratory. Revista Política Austral, 1(1), 69-86.



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