As we step into 2024, let’s revisit the diverse accomplishments of my 2023 research journey. In addition to publications, impactful talks and public appearances have provided rich insights in the study of parliaments. Many thanks to my colleagues, collaborators and my entire team for contributing to this journey.

Major 2023 publications

The following 12 stand out among my numerous publications in 2023. These pieces predominantly explore the integration and impact of AI within parliamentary contexts, while also exploring among others the vital themes of representation, transparency, accountability and trust. Each publication not only adds to the ongoing AI discourse but also contributes valuable insights into the broader challenges influencing the future landscape of parliamentary governance.

von Lucke, J., & Fitsilis, F. (2023, August). Using Artificial Intelligence in Parliament-The Hellenic Case. In International Conference on Electronic Government (pp. 174-191). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.

von Lucke, Jörn; Fitsilis, Fotios (2023): Einschätzungen aus dem griechischen Parlament zum Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz in Parlamenten. 6. Fachtagung Rechts- und Verwaltungsinformatik (RVI 2023). Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Fitsilis, F., von Lucke, J., & Frank, S. (2023). A Comprehensive Research Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments. International Journal of Parliamentary Studies3(2), 316-324.

Φυτσιλής, Φ., & Μακροπούλου, Γ. (2023). Νομοπαρασκευαστική Διαδικασία & Νομική Πληροφορική. Αθήνα: Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη

Fitsilis, F., & Makropoulou, G. (2023). Nomoparaskevastikí Diadikasía & Nomikí Pliroforikí. Athens: Nomiki Bibliothiki

von Lucke, J., Fitsilis, F., & Etscheid, J. (2023, July). Research and Development Agenda for the Use of ai in Parliaments. In Proceedings of the 24th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (pp. 423-433). NY: ACM

Fitsilis, F., & Papastylianou, A. (2023). Training of Greek Public Administrators in Legal Knowledge Management by Using the Legislation Editing Open Software (LEOS). Journal of the Knowledge Economy..

Fitsilis, F., & von Lucke, J. (2023). Re-shaping interparliamentary cooperation through advanced information sharing. Australasian Parliamentary Review38(1), 78-88.

Fitsilis, F. (2023). Greece’s Parliamentary Administration. In: Christiansen, T., Griglio, E., & Lupo, N. (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Parliamentary Administrations. Taylor & Francis.

Fitsilis, F., & Costa, O. (2023). Parliamentary Administration Facing the Digital Challenge. In: Christiansen, T., Griglio, E., & Lupo, N. (Eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Parliamentary Administrations. Taylor & Francis.

Fitsilis, F., & von Lucke, J. (2023). Beyond Contemporary Parliamentary Practice. The Parliamentarian, 104(1), 58-59

von Lucke, J., Fitsilis, F., & Etscheid, J. (2023) Einsatz von KI in der Gesetzgebung. Jusletter IT, 23. February 2023

Fitsilis, F. (2023). A Paradigm Shift for Parliaments. International Journal of Parliamentary Studies3(1), 1-4.

Selected 2023 talks and lectures

These 15 discussions, talks and lectures represent significant moments where I had the privilege of sharing insights on various platforms and at international events. Each engagement provided a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and contribute to the global discourse on parliamentary development. From vibrant conference setups to dynamic international forums, these experiences have enriched my perspective and underscored the importance of fostering a global exchange of ideas.

Program for the new national legislators in Argentina, Universidad Austral (December 2023)

Structure, products and networking of the Hellenic Parliament Scientific Service, 1st International Forum on Parliamentary Research (December 2023)

Using Artificial Intelligence in Parliaments, Australian Parliamentary Library (November 2023)

Transforming Parliaments: Artificial Intelligence in the lawmaking work, Open Science Hub (October 2023)

Advanced digital engagement concepts in parliamentary democracies (October 2023)

Smart functionalities for drafting legislation in LEOS (October 2023)

Artificial Intelligence (October 2023)

Panel on Democracy 2.0: Automation and Decentralization deployed for Transparency (October 2023)

Panel on AI, Partner or Rival?: Implications for Government, Information & the Law (August 2023)

Smart Parliaments, Diploma in Parliamentary Law, Universidad Austral (August 2023)

Broad Exchange on the Published Guidelines on the Introduction and Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Parliamentary Workspace Where do we go from here? Research Workshop on AI in Parliaments (July 2023)

Designing and implementing an ethical and operational framework for artificial intelligence in parliament, Day of Parliamentary Research (June 2023)

Ongoing research on AI in parliamentary workspaces, AI4Legs 2023: AI for Legislation (June 2023)

AI, legislative process and smart parliaments, LegisTech: The Americas – 2nd edition (April 2023)

AI legislation and smart governance, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (March 2023)


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